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Let’s be honest, most people want to save money but suck at it.   Data shows that almost 50% of Canadians could not cope with an unexpected but needed expense - think of home and car repairs.  An unforeseen loss of job could leave you with high debt. 

If you are saving money with QUBER, you've already started saving for an emergency fund. You set aside money in a different account than your checking account so you are not tempted to easily spend on “wants”. The QUBER Vault holds your money safely and the money is available to withdraw anytime with no penalty.

Now let’s take a look at how much you are saving.  You should aim to save between 3-6 months of your salary to stay safe in these unpredictable times. 

Boost your emergency fund with a saving challenge!

We have 4 challenges you can choose from, there is literally something for everyone!  Below you will see how much you will save in 52 weeks, how much your bi-weekly or monthly withdrawal would be (you get to choose which you prefer), and how much you'll win if you complete the challenge.


$500 Challenge $20 Bi-weekly $46 Monthly You win $10!
$1K Challenge $39 Bi-weekly $91 Monthly You win $20!
$2K Challenge $77 Bi-weekly $182 Monthly You win $40!
$5K Challenge $193 Bi-weekly $455 Monthly You win $100!


You win 2% on your savings when you complete any of these challenges! And remember, in addition to the 2% cash incentives you have a chance to win cash prizes with QUBER’s Save to Win contests. 

We've put the technology in place, now it's up to you!  Depending on which challenge you choose, and your level of income, you might need to take a look at your spending and make sacrifices.  In fact, we hope you all have to (otherwise it wouldn't be a challenge!).

Are you ready for the challenge?  Download QUBER and find your challenge under the 'Challenges' section.


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