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QUBER's no-spend day challenge is a great way to save a little bit of extra cash towards your saving goals. Besides saving money, an important lesson from participating in a no-spend day is that it brings attention to where you are spending money on a regular basis. Being aware is the first step to making change. Every little bit counts, and makes a big difference whether you are saving for a trip, or paying off debt.

We recommend doing a no-spend day once a week to start. In order to be successful with your no-spend day, it’s best to plan ahead, mostly so you are mentally prepared to avoid impulse spending throughout the day. Here’s a list of ideas to plan out your no-spend day:

Make your coffee at home

First thing's first - coffee! We love our coffee too, but that expense sure can add up, especially if you are drinking one or more a day. Forego your caramel mocha latte and make a coffee at home instead. You'll save at least $5 towards your saving goal.

Pack a lunch

Brown bag your lunch, just like the good ol' days. Make a sandwich, a salad, or pack up your leftovers from supper. While it's good to get out with friends once in awhile, you can save close to $20 by bringing your lunch from home.

Go for a walk when you feel the urge to buy something from the vending machine

Hitting the vending machine during a break is a habit, and one that can be avoided. Instead, choose a healthier option - like going for a walk outside instead. You'll not only save a few bucks, you'll get some exercise and fresh air too!

Make supper with the groceries you already have at home

Take a look through your cupboards and your freezer for a supper option. It's amazing what you'll find tucked in there. And you'll save money by not stopping at the grocery store, or getting food delivered. Be creative!

If you need gas, pay at the pump so you aren't tempted to buy anything else

Although you wouldn't think it, the gas station is a very common place for us to spend on impulse. It's just too easy to buy that pack of gum, lottery ticket, or bag of chips when you go to pay for your gas. Instead, pay at the pump (and say no to the carwash)!

Have kids?  Get them involved too!

Oh yes, your kids can also join in the fun of a no-spend day. Plan the day with your entire family. Have them give you ideas for the supper you can bring with you on the way to their soccer game. Talk to them about what you learned on your no-spend day, and how much you saved. You can never start too early to teach good habits. And they might just hold you accountable too!

Challenge your friends

Everything is more fun when there is a challenge involved! Challenge your friends to a no-spend day, and see who can make it through the day. If your friends are involved, then instead of going out to eat, they'll be just as happy to come watch a movie with you at home. And a little motivation always helps!

And last but not least...

At the end of the day, login to the QUBER mobile savings app and tap on the No-spend day challenge card to move the money saved to your saving jar.  Easy as that! Get started today.

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