QUBER Fun and easy financial app to make the money you have count

Planning is important, especially when it comes to finances. If you plan ahead now, you may just come out debt-free in the new year (and get to do something you've always dreamed of doing, too)!

We all have goals in life, and QUBER is here to help you achieve them. Here's how you can plan ahead:

Save for the holidays

This is one expense we all share, and often times leaves people with a huge amount of credit card debt at the end of the year. An average household spends $800 a year during the Christmas holidays, that's a lot of money all at once. Create a Holiday Jar today and QUBER will automatically deduct $20 a week, so much easier on the budget!

Save for kids activities

This is still an all time favourite QUBER saving technique! Put aside your Canada Child Benefits by using our deposit rule, into your Kids Activities jar. The next time you have to register your child in an activity, the money will be sitting there safe and sound.

Save for some 'me time'

Who doesn't deserve a break once in awhile? You won't feel guilty about it using QUBER's money saving challenges! Cut back on impulse spends and save that money using QUBER's budget challenge. Use Tap to Save whenever you make a coffee from home, bring a lunch, or do something nice for yourself. It's money you would have spent anyways, so enjoy!

Save for a rainy day

This one is so important, we hope everyone has a rainy day savings fund. Put your mind at ease knowing you have a back up in case something goes wrong. The fastest way to save up for your rainy day fund is to save a portion of your pay cheque. You can also round up your purchases to save even faster.

Save $1000, and do something you never thought you would

Accept QUBER's 52-week saving challenge today and in one year you will be $1000 dollars richer. Then take that money and invest it so you can watch your money grow!

What are your money goals and how will you reach them?

The first step to saving is planning out your goals. Download QUBER mobile savings app, create your saving goals, and start saving money. Start slow - add a round up rule whenever you make a purchase, or save 2% of every deposit. Once you start saving, you'll want to save even more. Then you can do fun things, like accept a budget challenge for a store you've been wanting to cut back on, or 'Tap to Save' every time you make your coffee at home. The saving possibilities are endless! Get started today.

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