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If you have been lucky enough to maintain your household income through the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time to boost your emergency savings.  The future is unknown, and will stay that way for awhile.  Nobody knows how their income will be impacted if a recession hits.  In case your income should take a hit in the coming months, save extra emergency funds now so you can continue to pay your bills and avoid debt. 

With the current situation, many of us will learn to do with less.  Your gas payments will lower, your daycare costs might too, you'll travel less, you’ll eat out less, and find creative ways to use the food you have at home.  Consider the change in your spending, and think now about extra cash you have to put towards growing your emergency fund. Your emergency fund could save you in the future.

If you don’t already have an Emergency Savings jar, start one today in the QUBER mobile savings app.

You can boost your Emergency Savings jar anytime, with your tax refund, or with extra money you are saving by changing your spending habits.  Here’s how you do it:

1.  Go to your Emergency Savings jar and tap on the ‘Save faster’ button.  

2.  Tap on the ‘Add spare change now’ button.

3.  Enter the amount you want to save.

Yup, it’s that easy!  This feature is available for you any time you need it.

Worried that you might need your money if an emergency arises?  The great thing about QUBER is you can access that money anytime by simply cashing out your jar. 

Read more about building your emergency savings with QUBER.


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