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There is power in knowledge, and knowledge comes from experience. As part of our Money Talks blog, we will feature real-life users, their experiences with saving money, their mistakes, their successes, and their goals for the future. Talking about money is unfortunately still considered taboo, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many people sharing the same frustrations with money, same struggles (50% of Canadians don’t have any emergency savings!), and we can benefit from each others unique stories.

To get started, we are really excited to introduce our top saver of 2019. She has graciously agreed to share her story, in hopes to helps others out there who are in the same situation she used to be. Please meet Rachel Robichaud, from Dieppe NB, busy mom of 2 kids and one fur-baby. We love how Rachel was able to:

  • *find a sustainable way to save that works for her while using our customizable options that QUBER offers!
  • *pay things with cash instead of having to put it on her credit card because she had the money saved in her jars. 
  • *create new spending habits 

1.  How were you saving/managing money before QUBER?

I had a savings account along with my checking account.  I would put some money into savings, but ended up picking into the account, so I never really saved any money.

2.  How has QUBER helped you save money?

QUBER is so fun!  I got addicted to seeing the amounts go up and the jars literally filling up fast!  It really encouraged me to save!

 I actually took a moment, decided what I wanted to really save for and set up a jar or two (or five!).  I mainly did this because I would use my credit cards way too often and could never pay the full balance.  So I started jars for ringette tournaments (hotel and travel expenses), sports and activities for the kids, credit card debt, winter tire fund, emergency car fund, etc...  

Then, I bought winter tires, CASH!  Paid Hotel and food, CASH.  It was kinda nice knowing I had the actual money and didn’t have to use my credit card!

3.  You were the top QUBER saver in 2019, how did you do it?  What made you successful?

I realized I wasn't saving at all after a significant raise a few years ago, I was just spending, spending and spending some more. So I decided to pay myself first!  This is great advice I got from a book I read years ago: The Wealthy Barber (so easy and fun to read!!) So, I just made the decision that it was time to put money aside for a rainy day and to cover my non-recurring expenses.

4.  What habits did you change in 2019 to save more money?

Well, I had to look at bad spending: coffee, muffins, snacks, takeout, etc...  I used to buy something EVERYTIME I would get out of the house. The drive through for a snack (a treat for me, one for the kids), that's 10-15$ sometimes, or meals: 20-25$.  I wouldn't even think twice!  So I cut that down.  No more treats every single day (it's not a treat anymore if you have it every day!)

Now, for 2020, I am stepping up my game:  make more homecooked meals rather than go to restaurants and fast food.  So meal prep will be good for the whole family!

5.  For people who are struggling to save money or pay off debt, what would you suggest to them?

Gosh, it's hard!  But it feels so good to pay off debt that it's worth the effort.

Reduce the limits on credit cards, and save up in a QUBER jar so you can pay the full amount in one payment.  It's soooo satisfying!!!  Some would say it's not the best way, but I found if I put an amount (300$ for example) on a credit card, I would charge 200$ back on it, so I wasn't really getting ahead.  So saving up to pay it off (and not add to it) is a good way to start!

Earn more: Can you pick-up an extra shift at work?  Babysit or dogsit for extra $$?  Declutter and sell some of your stuff?  Sell products online?  Whatever it is: put it straight in your jar!

Also,  I like the "round up" option and even the suggested challenges.  You don't even realize that you save!  It's just fun!

6.  How do you keep motivated to keep saving?  What are your goals for 2020?

It's easy to stay motivated! I love to see the jars fill in the QUBER app!  I also like the challenges and the Holiday savings jar!

A family trip is my big jar/goal this year! I want to bring my kids to Disney before they get too big!!  And with the 1000$ prize I won last fall with the Save to Win contest, I am that much closer!!

7.  Anything else you'd like to add?

I had started very aggressive in my money saving jars at first, but it wasn't sustainable.  I was too eager to save, but then I would end up using my credit cards more!  So, start small, build confidence, slowly change habits, and then increase amounts saved, or add "Spare change" when you think you are ahead at anytime!

Download QUBER mobile savings app, create your saving goals, and start saving money. If you have a story to share, we’d love to feature your story too! Contact us, together we can get this conversation going and start to help one another.

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